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01 May 2012 @ 11:13 am

I am feeling generous today (not sure if it’s due to my sickness j/k) so I decided to have a giveaway of my favourite things.

These are a few of my favourite things that I will be giving away:

Here’s a closer look to what the winner will get:

4 Julep nailpolishes. You can visit their website at julep.com. I absolutely love painting my nails so I’m giving away four different colours for different styles. They’re a bunch of spring colours that’s perfect for this season :)

As you know, I talk about afternoon tea a lot, so I’m bringing afternoon tea to you. I can’t give you a 3 tiered platter with desserts but I hope you like the tea anyway.

I adore falsies. They really do make a difference to your face. So here’s one of my fave brands – Dollywink. Okay, personally, I love the MAC one a lot more but that’s like $$! Haha.

Here is me with falsies. No photoshop or any filters or anything!

As much as I love make up, you also have to keep your face clean. To keep your face looking fresh, I’ve included 2 facemasks from My Beauty Diary.

Girls love bags! Here’s a cute black bag to hold all your new goodies. I recently bought it on ebay but I have so many bags at home, I need to share the wealth!

Another thing I love is to accessorize. I don’t normally wear jewelry on a daily basis because it gets annoying when you work. Here are my 3 picks. A necklace and a pair of earrings from Forever21. And a plastic rose ring that’s from Mexico. I’d like to say that I got it while I was in Mexico 2 months ago but it’s actually brought back by Mr.S’ sister from Mexico last week!

And because I absolutely love that necklace, here’s a closeup of the pendant. It says “I’m yours” with the Eiffel tower.

How to enter:

To enter the contest, you need to be at least 16 years old or if you’re not, you have your parents’ permissions to sign up. The contest form below is an automatized raffle widget. You complete the tasks on the widget and you get raffle entries. Then on May 28 I will be announcing the winner! I’d make it shorter BUT I’m going on vacation and I don’t want to drop the ball…

This giveaway is open to anyone with a computer. I swap stuff with people internationally so I have no qualms about sending this package overseas :)

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19 December 2011 @ 04:19 pm

is not for me. That’s right. I would never ever go back to Catalina island unless you can guarantee me that the other side of the island (not Avalon) is not full of birds or anything. I don’t know how my fear came about… I mean I’ve always been a little afraid of birds but now my pigeon fear has reached… Let’s just say I have Ornithophobia. Anyway, Mr.S berated me saying that I should’ve looked up about birds before travelling somewhere. WTF Where was I supposed to get this information? Out of my bum? There’s no page on the internet that warns you about pigeons… dur. I think they mentioned like those birds of prey but they weren’t much of a concern of mine since they weren’t that close to the city… That I know.

Anyway, we begun our journey to Catalina island on a town car. They call them limos (that are not stretch) here in Toronto. It’s a Lincoln. Lalala on our way to the Marina. I took pics for instagram ala Adam Irigoyen. (he takes lots of pics of sceneries).

We took the ferry to Catalina Island from Marina Del Rey. It is about 1 1/2 hr. FUN, right? Lol. Make sure to bring a sweater because it gets pretty chilly.

Fare is $40/per person/per trip one way. So in total, $80/per person round trip.

So it’s going to be a short post. Just posting pics here.

May be a pic from when we first arrived or when we left. Either way.

I feel like I’m on an island. But you know, the tropical kind. Anyway, I spent a good portion hiding from birds.

Got hungry and ended up at Luau Larry’s. I am assuming it’s Larry cause that goes well with Luau but I am too lazy to check.

How attractive of you, Mr.S. He’s having a swordfish sandwich.

Swordfish tacos to share.

Just fish and chips. Had better in Toronto but this one is still better than London. WTF makes no sense. You’d think they mastered fish and chips over there lololol!!

This me is outside, before I cried. About birds and stuff! There’s some drama about birds, arguing… we were supposed to go on some open boat tour. Tour forced us upon submarine tour. I didn’t want to go…blablabla. Plus there were birds and whatnot.

Went mini golf. No pics, we tied. Okay he allowed me to cheat a little <3 Whatever. I was half paranoid during the whole thing because I saw bird shit everywhere. Nasty. Oh and we had icecream afterwards. I was afraid of going outside with it ... paranoia. Blablabla.

Finally got to leave. BYE you stinkin island. Make up ruined. Had to take off my falsies.

Close up of the houses/stores on the island. It really doesn’t look American. More European… Greek-like no?

On our ferry ride back to the Marina, we saw whales! Several whales in fact!

And they were spouting water! Amazing. To think that some people go on whale watching adventures and never see them. And here I am, not looking for any of them and there they are. I felt so happy! Mind you, I don’t want to be on a tiny boat next to it. Just saw Nim’s Island last night. The mom got eaten by a whale or something?

Sunset picture.

Then finally, we got to meet up with my friends from my forum. Okay, so DaRon was the original founder… I was still an admin, and an active one at that. Active on the forum not physically active (anymore). So I got to meet Joey and Lena. We had sushi at BAD sushi – sushi was pretty good but the service could be better. Then fatigue hit me and Mr.S like a ton of bricks. We wanted to hang out with them more but alas, we were too tired. Next time I go to LA, we’ll for sure hang out more. I think I have met the most forum members. :)

Summary picture :)

31 October 2011 @ 12:20 pm

Hello there! Here’s the summary for Day 1 (and I wasn’t going to write as much but for Yuki, I will)

Should I even call it day 1 since we didn’t do much but travel. Check in was smooth enough.

Here’s me playing with the check in thinger.

Mr.S fiddling with our luggage tag.

Okay, so anyone here follow basketball?? Well we were pretty hungry so we had some pizza. While eating, Mr.S commented that the guy who passed by us was a retired basketball player. And the best part? It really was him and he was riding our plane. This is the first celeb encounter I had in the airport. Rick Fox is such a nice guy to entertain pictures for his fans.

Here is Mr. Rick Fox (ex-husband of Vanessa Williams, if that makes him more relevant), towering over Mr.S. He’s actually wearing a faded Lakers t-shirt.

Duffy is all buckled up.

Anyway, during the plane ride, we pretty much just watched movies – well he watched movies while I did the crossword (which I almost finished btw!!!). I forgot to mention that we took Air Canada. Now, it’s not WOW like Porter cause I heard you get free food but hey, it goes to the west side which Porter does not do at this time. We had to purchase our own food and I believe we were too late in ordering our food so we got stuck with “chicken noodle soup” (which was actually instant cup noodle) and some cashews. The plane ride was comfortable enough. I mean, how comfy can a plane be for economy class…

We landed in glorious Los Angeles. The airport is better than what I remember. It was more run down or in the middle of construction last time I came here. We were absolutely not greeted by warm weather but it was actually not that cold either. Hooray.

I booked us a shuttle to Disney’s Paradise Pier hotel. The shuttle company name was …. Super Shuttle (more info). May I say that these shuttle services are very convenient, and affordable!! No pics. Too tired. Anyway, how this shuttle works is that there’s like a shuttle stop, kinda like a bus stop, at every terminal and it goes around the airport. It picks up all the people going to a certain location, in my case Disney grounds, and drives you there. In total, there was a set of four in our van. Four families not four people, I wish. So we were the first one dropped off. Paradise Pier isn’t what you would consider the top tier Disney hotel but I quite liked it.

Goofy welcomes you to Paradise Pier Hotel.

I’ve never had anyone spell my first name correctly while my last name incorrectly.

I had a discussion with Yuki regarding the soaps at Disney. I had hoped they had the mouse ears but I got h20 products instead.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that Paradise Pier has like a beach/pier/boat theme going on. So here’s Duffy resting next to a beach ball while we get ready for bed.

I’ll talk about the rest of the Disney trip and Southern California trip another time but I want to end this post with a picture of my other loves playing with the beach ball.


Price summaries

Breakdown: One way ticket from Toronto YYZ to Los Angeles LAX p.p = $255.59 + tax $9.93 – Air Canada

(and you know about the whole reward thing so we paid $31.04) ordered via TDTravelRewards

Reasoning: Best deal for a flight going out at night time

Breakdown: Paradise Pier hotel $175/night + tax $59.50 / Total $409.50 ordered directly from the Disney website

Reasoning: Best deal for a Disney hotel and it was newly renovated so, why not?

Breakdown: Super Shuttle – Shared Ride van $16/pp (tip $4) / Total $36.00 booked directly from SuperShuttle.com

Reasoning: I ain’t paying $90 + tip to drive from LAX to Anaheim. And Disney was not shuttling past 7 pm.

(also, I am too lazy to post my itinerary so download it here http://pdfcast.org/download/california-2011.pdf, don’t worry it’s a safe website or ask me to email it to you)

17 August 2011 @ 12:11 pm

This is my second Luxe Box from Loose Button and let me tell you, it has exceeded my expectations!

It contains:

Sheyna handmade earrings (bonus item) – Very cute!

Proclaim Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion – I am not fond of the smell too much, it smells like chocolate. And I am not that fond of chocolate.

City Lips Lip Plumping treatment – I kissed my bf’s back and there was a red lip mark on it! He’s allergic to it. But the product itself is good. I didn’t take before or after pics so I can’t tell if it works but there was a tingling sensation.

Pur 4-in-1 mineral powder – I will use it as powder but not as my foundation. I tried it yesterday and did not work very well to contain my oily face. Also, this only went out to some Luxe Box customers. I heard the others got nail polish.

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance – smells very grown up but I like it.

Anyway, if you have the means, you should order it and get to know products that are available for you out there. Because of last month’s package I researched more about hair oils and Loose Button even has this great article on it on their website.